15 Concrete Ways To Improve A Business’ Branding Strategy

Branding and marketing go hand in hand. The stronger and more effective the branding for your business is, the greater the chances your marketing efforts will take off.

Branding is one aspect of your business that can, and should, evolve as it grows. Here, 15 members of Forbes Coaches Council share concrete ways they have improved the branding strategies for their clients’ businesses as well their own.

1. Live The Brand Promise To Build Trust

It is particularly important to live the brand promise yourself and to build upon a good foundation. As a personal brand, the customer must be able to trust 100% that you have mastered the issues yourself and can thus help them take the same steps. It helps a lot to document your own process toward becoming an “expert” and to take the customer with you on the journey. – Björn Schnare, Xperience International GmbH (by Tobias Beck)

2. Communicate The Company’s Mission, Vision And Mantra

Communication of the mission, vision and mantra of the company provides people with clarity and connection. Employees and customers should be able to know and recognize the company logo and understand and value the branding. – Sandra Hill, New Horizen Coaching & Professional Growth Advancement

3. Establish Yourself As A Speaker

Establishing myself as a speaker has improved my strategy. How do you get more speaking engagements? I joined a professional speaker agency, developed a speaker-page landing page and will take virtually any opportunity to say something in front of a camera. – Raisa Ghazi, www.RaisaGhazi.com

4. Use Only The Best Venues For Your Events

For us, one way to improve our branding is to focus on only using the best and most luxurious venues for our coaching events. It sends a message that we are a top-quality brand. That way, we are able to attract people who want top-quality work. – Ezekiel Solesi, LIMBsimple company ltd

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5. Leverage Personal Branding And Be Relatable

As a business coach and strategist, my business is all about personal branding. Branding strategy is not just photos, colors and fonts, but rather your own story that connects with your audience. Your unique way to connect with your clients is to show them you have been where they are today. There’s nothing more powerful than “humanizing” the business aspect and making yourself relatable. – Reelika Schulte, Dream Lifestyle

6. Explain What You Do In A Simple Way

Keep it simple. While big words and complex jargon may look good on paper, being able to explain what you do in a simple and easy-to-understand way holds a lot more power. Don’t worry too much about trying to sound impressive. Instead, focus on doing what you do best, and then communicate that to others in a clear way. You should be able to explain what you do in ten words or less! – Josephine Kant, Google for Startups

7. Ensure Branding Consistency Across Channels

Make sure your branding is consistent across all channels. This means having a unified look and feel for your website, social media profiles, marketing materials and more. – Peter Boolkah, The Transition Guy

8. Use A Focus Group To Identify Flaws

Branding is about delivering the right message about yourself and making it consistent across all platforms. An approach I used was to pose specific questions about my brand to a wide focus group (some who knew me well, or to some extent, and others who did not). The idea was to get consistent responses across the board. I then focused on the deviations to see where improvements were needed. – Dr. Rakish Rana, The Clear Coach

9. Use Social Media To Connect Your Brand And Expertise

I try to consistently use social media to create a connection between my brand and my areas of expertise. It takes a degree of discipline to post regularly, but using hashtags enables me to position myself as an expert in certain areas. We can’t be all things to all people — it’s important to define what you want to be known for, and then be diligent about posting and responding using hashtags. – Kathy Bernhard, KFB Leadership Solutions

10. Build Authority By Becoming An Author

I wrote a book. “Author” is the root word of “authority.” Now, I don’t even carry business cards. It’s amazing. I meet up with a potential coachee or client company, slide my book across the table and say, “Let’s talk about executive performance, I wrote the book on that.” It’s a bit cheeky to be sure, but it works. – Corrie Block, Paragon Consulting FZE

11. Ask The Entire Community About Brand Decisions

When I make decisions about my brand — whether they be about starting a social media channel or new learning group, a logo change or a website redesign — I ask friends, clients, mentors, peers and everyone. This way, my community knows what I am up to, and it reminds them that my brand exists, which sometimes prompts them to reconnect. – Natasha Ganem, Lion Leadership

12. Find The Ideal Word To Describe Your Business And ‘Own’ It

Own a word. One of the ways to improve personal branding and increase brand equity is to develop clarity around one word or idea that you want to “own” as a business. Brand clarity will lead to brand awareness. Many people and companies never find their ideal word for what their business is about. Equally important to finding the ideal customer is finding the ideal word for your business. – Ken Gosnell, CEO Experience

13. Sponsor Community-Led Events And Nonprofit Programming

One of the most effective components of my branding strategy is to spend the majority of marketing dollars on sponsorships for community-led events and nonprofit programming. Not only does this strategy allow me to give back to causes I care about, but it also puts my brand in front of potential clients in a way that demonstrates we already have alignment in core values. – April Willis, April Willis Consulting, LLC

14. Partner With A University On A Learning Project

I have improved my branding strategy by partnering with a university to have MBA students use my company as a learning project. They had to present a strategy that was included as part of their coursework. I have done this two times with different schools and will continue the practice. – Brent McHugh, Christar International

15. Take Your Message To The Media

Whether online, print, radio or television, taking my message to the media creates a stronger brand with higher credibility. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to pay a publicist or have unlimited press releases. You need to couple a good story to tell with your desire to help people to create a magical media message for your business. – Jarret Patton, DoctorJarret PLLC