Amarillo College partners with banks to offer new finance certificate

Cindy Apt

Amarillo College, with support from industry stakeholders, now offers new opportunities for individuals interested in banking and finance.

On April 26, the AC Board of Regents approved a new Banking and Finance Certificate and, pending approval of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, the academic certificate will be offered at the community college this upcoming fall semester.

Amarillo college banking and finance student Ivan Gallardo, left, and Rashmi Pillai, Business Technology program coordinator for AC.

“From a student’s perspective, a career in banking comes with an opportunity for growth within the industry given the diversity of jobs at the banking institutions. Financial institutions have different roles that vary from customer service, marketing, lending, investments, Information Technology, Data Analysis to name a few,” said Rashmi Pillai, Business Technology program coordinator for AC. “The connection with the bankers allows us to hone in on the classes and what we need to offer the students to be successful after completion of the certificate.”

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