Chicago Digital Marketing Agency Karben Marketing Announces Eight Business Branding Tips Used By the Pros

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Karben Marketing, a leading Chicago marketing agency, recently published a few marketing insights that have gone viral amongst small business owners. The company’s article highlighted the eight business branding rules that the pros in businesses across all major industries swear by. The report highlights how top companies engage with the audience and keep them loyal to the brand.

Karben Marketing is one of the leading digital marketing and graphic design agencies based in Chicago
Karben Marketing

The article starts by highlighting the need for keeping the brand relevant and fresh to help paying customers remain interested. To ensure continued interest, the brand may need to consider whether it needs a few cosmetic touch-ups or a whole new identity starting from scratch. It can be done by carefully assessing the core values and targets of the brand. If a brand’s identity and target audience have remained unchanged from its conception, then refreshing the brand is a decision worth considering. Refreshing can include updating the website, logo, color palette, and other external changes. However, if the company operates on outdated values and objectives, a complete rebranding may be necessary to attract new customers.

Rebranding needs to be planned because going in haphazardly to refresh or rebrand will result in wasted time and resources. It is imperative to identify the problems within the brand before making any changes. Research what other brands with similar services and objectives are doing, and identify the practices that benefit them. Additionally, modify the brand’s logo and image to make it recognizable among competitors and new customers.

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Business owners need to think about the pressing problems they are helping solve for clients. Successful branding promises a reasonable solution to the issues faced by their target audience. Focus on a single solution to avoid unnecessary noise and target branding for an audience that identifies with that specific problem.

In other words, effective branding campaigns “promote” and “express” something of value to potential customers.

Think of a branding campaign as a promise to the customers. The best way to retain customer engagement with the brand is to keep that promise. That can be done in more than one way. For instance, the guarantee of quality can be supported by publishing video and text testimonials of clients who were happy with the work done. The same can be said for pricing. If a brand promises high value for money, comparing with industry leaders will help potential clients and existing ones recognize the value provided.

Social media plays another significant role in helping build a brand presence. According to Karben, marketing social media helps “spread the word.” Develop resources such as blog posts, press releases, and online posts on different forums. Use different media outlets to share your brand’s story and attract new customers.

“An increasing number of businesses recognize the need to build a brand. However, smaller businesses often assume they need a major budget to pull it off. That’s not true, so we decided to publish this article.” Said a representative for Karben Marketing.

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