How to grow your small business using video marketing

Did you know that internet users consume almost 16 hours of video content every week? Also, if given a choice, 66 per cent of people will prefer watching a video to learn about a product or service to reading about the same? Many such statistics show how beneficial video marketing can be for a business, especially a small business. The engagement in a video message is way more than what you would find in a static/carousel post or even a text message. 

Videos radiate human touch, and the users begin to feel a tinge of personalization and a more profound connection with the brand. Of course, videos have always been there, but with the help of technology and fancy video cutter tools, showing off enhanced quality videos is now easier and looks more alluring to the users. After all, who doesn’t like the celebrity content creation videos that they get very handsomely paid for? Video marketing is a success, undoubtedly. Let’s look at a few benefits of video marketing for small businesses.

Benefits Of Video Marketing

Video is one medium that never lets your audience get bored and holds their attention for as long as the video runs. Video marketing is a part of content marketing that can be carried out alongside social media, email, and other forms of traditional marketing. Videos are the carriers of compelling and awe-inspiring content if done right. The advantages of video marketing are many; let’s have a look at a few of the most important ones:

Be A Part Of The Second-Largest Search Engine In The World

Video form content mostly belongs on YouTube; YouTube is synonymous with video form content. YouTube is massive, and it is also the second-largest search engine globally! Users pretty much go there for everything. And when someone is looking up there for the products or services you sell, they’d better find you there. So if you have always wanted to do YouTube marketing, this is your calling!

Be In Google’s Good Books

If you thought search engine optimization was only for websites, blogs and articles, well, not really. You can also optimize videos by adding video descriptions with relevant keywords and embedding your website’s link in your videos. This will ensure that your website gets a lot of organic traffic once your audience finishes watching the video. Also, your website has more chances of ranking higher on search engines when they have a video attached to them. So, videos are your best bet to rank higher on search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc.

Videos Have A Higher Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is how many visitors to your website were able to confirm the goal you had set, that is, how many people were you were able to convert as your customers. Videos are usually beneficial in converting leads to customers. For example, if you want to buy a new phone and are confused about which one to finalize, what do you do to look for reviews or features? First, you go to YouTube or Google and look for videos that show you features in detail. Next, you look for testimonials, probably video ones, to better understand the product/service. Videos assure the users that they will get what they’re looking for, which will help them make the final decision.

Videos Are More Share-able

Remember how you loved a video you saw on a social media marketing platform and went ahead and shared it with all your friends? Yes, that’s the power of video marketing. It’s almost a trend to share videos of everything that makes sense. Nearly as many as 92% of people love sharing any video they like with others. 

All you have to do is make a video that excitingly shows your brand’s values, vision, products, services, achievements, etc. People only share those videos they find unique and captivating. Also, keep in mind the quality of your video, and if needed, you can even use a video cutter to trim the videos and make your video more presentable.

Videos Build Trust and Emotional Connections

Videos can be your voice in communicating the personality of your brand. It would help if you made sure that the content of your video is such that it captivates the interest of your audience almost immediately and forces them to make a purchase, hence, displaying trust in your company. A video can strongly influence a person’s final purchase decision, which is the belief of almost 90% of people. Indeed, a video that has breathtaking content can take you places!

Video Marketing Is Affordable

Nobody can deny the hard work needed to come with engaging content for your videos. But, talking about how economical video marketing can be affordable for small businesses or not, they’re at least better and more economical than television advertisements or digital media advertisements, where the rates are always at an all-time high. This is one of the reasons why video marketing is probably one of the best ways to reach the target audience on a minimal budget. 

Videos Boost Email Click-Through Rates

Not many people open your email, making your email marketing campaign less impressionable than expected. One way of attracting your audience to open the email and see what you’ve got to say is by using videos for outreach. Videos in email marketing can help you get a 3x more response rate. But, you will need to remember not just to embed the whole video in the email unless you want your email to end up in the spam folder. The best way is to attach a thumbnail of your video in the body of the email for users to click on it and then be redirected to watch the whole video on your website.

Videos Increase Brand Awareness

Your brand may not be a monopoly for most of you, so you need to do something that makes your brand stand out and create a brand recall. How would you do that? First, you need to ensure that your marketing is on point while still on a budget. Video marketing is one type of marketing that will remain affordable and give you maximum value. The best part of a video is the liberty it gives you to express your brand values in the most unique and creative possible- something that gives your customers a reason to remember your brand.

Video Testimonial Videos Are Highly Impactful

One of the best ways to market your brand and make it trustworthy is to get an existing customer to speak about it. Humans are a sucker for heartwarming stories. One of the best ways to influence purchase decisions is by showing your audience that your brand was able to make a difference in the life of your existing customers and will make a difference in your life too. Unfortunately, taking a customer testimonial video may not always be possible. Hence, you can ask your current customers to record a video on their own and talk about their experience with your brand, the product/service, and the entire journey. They can, of course, keep talking, and once they finish, they can use a video cutter to trim their videos and then give you the final shot!

Videos Ensure Online Presence

It’s not enough to be present in the online space; everyone is. You need to be there, yes, but be noticeable. Make your videos so prominently engaging and attractive that your prospective customers can’t resist seeing them. If your audience likes your video, they will watch the whole thing and also like, share, and subscribe to your channel. They will also visit your website if you’ve embedded a link to your site in the video. Anything better than that?

In today’s world, where everyone is busy, and there’s not much time one can spend viewing any promotional and marketing video, creating videos that are not too sale-sy is very important. A perfectly structured video marketing plan is what most brands need today, and there are plenty of statistics that vouch for the same!