Small business loan funding surged 27% in 2021: report

Funding for small businesses increased in 2021, with as the average loan amount surging past $700,000, according to’s State of Small Business Funding report.  (iStock)

The number of small business applications surged in 2021, and with that, so did applications for small business loans, according to a new report from 

Small business loan applications jumped 24 in 2021 and the average approved loan amount rose to $727,343, a 27% increase from the year before, according to’s State of Small Business Funding report. This report uses data from the Small Business Administration (SBA) and lender activity reports from the Small Business Association.

The SBA approved an average of more than 60,000 loans per year. While the peak year for loan approval was in 2007 with 110,276 loans, the average SBA loan value at the time was just $186,859. The last five years have seen the most funding from the SBA, according to the report. 

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Some states see average funding amount soar past $1 million

The average loan amount varied significantly by state, ranging from $330,000 in Hawaii to more than $1 million in California and Georgia, according to the report. Another four states — South Carolina, Texas, North Carolina and Tennessee — averaged more than $900,000 per loan.

On the smaller funding amount side, three other states held average loan amounts that fell below $400,000: New Hampshire, Vermont and Ohio. 

“Living in a state with higher funding may mean easier access to funds,” the study stated. “On the other hand, living in a state with less funding may mean there’s less competition in your area. Plus, with a shift toward eCommerce, you can start your business almost anywhere.”

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Accommodation and food services take majority of small business funding

Accommodation and food services took the highest share of small business loan funding compared to other industries, with 16% of the market share, according to the report. Retail trade followed closely behind at 15.5%. The median loan approval amount for these industries was $488,000 and $429,000, respectively.

However, some industries such as utilities and public administration were approved for millions of dollars in funding, yet made up less than 1% of the total funding share.

Some industries have a low barrier to entry, due to needing fewer purchases to begin. This means these small business owners can take out smaller loan amounts to get started. For example, loans with a minimum of $3,000 were approved for industries such as food services, construction, IT and arts and entertainment. 

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