The Hottest Marketing Tech Companies of 2022

  • Marketing tech is crucial to help companies deal with the loss of cookies and the growth of e-commerce.
  • Insider identified 13 companies leading the charge.
  • The companies deliver new ways to do mobile messaging, attract online buyers, and use consumer data.

The competition to standing out in marketing tech is intensifying. 

The growth of e-commerce and eventual death of third-party cookies has placed a brighter spotlight on marketing tech, and CMOs have more opportunities to invest, as their budgets will grow by 9.5% this year, according to research firm Gartner.

Cloud giants like Adobe have long pitched advertisers on tools that help marketers do everything from sending personalized email campaigns to storing data. But a crop of startups and newly public companies are vying for a piece of the billions that CMOs spend each year. 

For the fourth year in a row, Insider is recognizing the marketing tech companies shaking up the industry.

This list was put together through nominations from more than 40 companies and our own reporting.

We included a mix of big giants like Adobe and smaller startups like Habu and ActionIQ.

Here are the biggest movers and shakers in the martech world, listed alphabetically.